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Hubby’s Weight Loss Plan

In The Program on August 10, 2012 at 3:01 pm

Amidst all my sadness, bewilderment and angst last night the hubby made some suggestions that I am going to adopt for the next week to see how they work for me.  The hubby has never had a weight problem.  From time to time in his life he may have had a extra pounds on him or was too thin for a time.  These times were all situational and few and far between.  For example most recently he gained maybe ten pounds during the pregnancy when I had all sorts of junk food in the house, but he lost it effortlessly after those foods were no longer around.

He has been through all sorts of weight loss roller coasters with me over the past ten years.  He has attended various diet programs with me (even though he didn’t need to lose weight).  He hasn’t said a word when I’ve spend countless dollars on weight loss web sites, on Weight Watchers, on Jenny Craig, on expensive tennis club memberships, etc.  He has endured my bad moods caused by low caloric intake or shame or frustration.  When I was 246lbs (not pregnant) he still told me I was beautiful.  Poor guy, he has had to watch the woman he loves struggle for so long and be so hard on her own life-giving body!

Last night he said that he thinks the reason he doesn’t gain much weight despite eating a lot (and boy does he, junk too!) is because overall he eats pretty healthy food every few hours.  My program thus far has been to just have three meals a day with an occasional teatime snack.  For the next week I am going to try his way.

He also suggested that I adopt a 50% policy.  That I should serve myself my usual potion of food and then immediately put back 50% of it.  Eventually when I am closer to my goal he thinks I should put back 2/3 of it.  Interesting suggestion, no?  I am going to try it this week and see how it goes!