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Week 8: the dreaded grains adjustment

In The Program on August 11, 2014 at 12:59 pm

This is the week I have known has been coming and that I have been dreading: time to focus on modifying my grain intake to healthier levels. I love all things grains and I am not talking about refined flour products, I am talking about the healthy whole grain non genetically modified stuff. But, nothing is healthy no matter it’s makeup if I am consuming more than my body wants/needs/can healthily process.

According to this chart by the US government, I need about 6 ounces of grains a day, half of which is to be whole grains. This chart reviews what constitutes an ounce.

I am up for the challenge and no doubt this will make a huge difference in my weight loss goals.

Review of my plan:
Week 1: yoga 2x per week at least
Week 2: 8 glasses of water a day
Week 3: no eating after dinner
Week 4: one sweet treat per week
Week 5: switch from sugar to a healthier sweetner
Week 6: proper fruit and veggie intake
Week 7: proper protein and dairy intake
Week 8: appropriate grains intake


Week 7: proper protein and dairy

In The Program on August 6, 2014 at 2:27 pm

This week I have been focusing on protein and dairy intake per the US government’s recommended intake guidelines. Do you notice I am saving limiting my beloved grains for last? (I am pretty sure I am way over the recommended servings but we can address that in future weeks….baby steps are working!)

After reviewing the dairy and protein recs I was surprised by how little protein (5oz) and how many dairy servings (3) is recommended for my age group. Notably, the recommendations are for someone with a sedentary lifestyle and I have a very active lifestyle so I am treating the guidelines as a baseline; I must have 2.5 cups of veggie per day but I can have more if I wish. So far, in the last few weeks it has been the dairy and veggie goals that have been the ones I have had to put extra thought into, to achieve.

Have a great week!

Review of my plan:
Week 1: yoga 2x per week at least
Week 2: 8 glasses of water a day
Week 3: no eating after dinner
Week 4: one sweet treat per week
Week 5: switch from sugar to a healthier sweetner
Week 6: proper fruit and veggie intake
Week 7: proper protein and dairy intake

Week 5: coffee makeover

In The Program on July 21, 2014 at 8:20 pm

This week I am continuing to kick the sweets habit. Last week’s rule of one treat per week felt like it made a huge dent in my caloric intake and emotional eating habits. Plus, allowing a dessert a week feels like a reasonable and sustainable plan for weight loss. So, this week I am swapping out my morning sugar intake via two cups of coffee with milk and refined white sugar to two cups of coffee with milk and a healthier sweetner. I have agave nectar on hand and will use that but I have also recently acquired coconut sugar which definitely works well in coffee and seems more economical. I highly recommend it. Don’t use Splenda or sweet n low or substances like that. (A quick google search will tell you why.). Stick to the more natural stuff.

This morning I was offered hand-rolled, hand-dipped hot out-of-the-oven gourmet doughnuts and I didn’t even want them! At first I checked the sky to see if pigs were flying but then I realized that my informal refined sugar detox over the last few weeks may have just resulted in me being less interested in sugary treats. Shocking! And good for the scale!

Review of my plan:
Week 1: yoga 2x per week at least
Week 2: 8 glasses of water a day
Week 3: no eating after dinner
Week 4: one sweet treat per week
Week 5: switch from sugar to a healthier sweetner

Oh cereal, I must let you go

In Random Thoughts, The Program on July 17, 2013 at 4:12 pm

When I gained 99lbs you would have thought it was because of binging on junk food like candy, cookies, cake, chips, fast food, etc. Although I did eat some of that stuff, really I ate “healthy” food in excess. For example, raisin bran is a relatively healthy food, right? Nope, not when you have had three overflowing large bowls in rapid succession it isn’t!!!

I have been able to keep potion sizes of healthy food in check throughout my sixty pound weight loss this year, except for cereal. It is like I become a cereal zombie and, in a daze, I pour another bowl, after I have just had one! And it isn’t Lucky Charms or Coco Puffs it is Shredded Wheat and Cheerios! Super frustrating. I have been fighting this behavior for awhile now and all I can think to do is that maybe I need to simply abstain from cereal for awhile. Give it the twenty-one days that experts say are needed to form new habits and then try and see if I can eat cereal in a normal, properly portioned way. I hate doing extreme things like this but for now I think I must… I don’t want anything, not a stupid bowl (or three) getting between me and the final thirty pound weight loss!

Well… That didn’t work well for me!

In Random Thoughts, The Program, Uncategorized on July 15, 2013 at 9:50 pm

Well, I tried the no sugar, flour and wheat diet for the first three days and I felt a bit better physically but I was SO CRANKY! At the end of the third day I broke and had some sugar (sour patch kids candy, no less!)

Instead of beating myself up and saying why oh why don’t you have more will power, I decided to go back to what has worked for months: logging my calories via an app and staying within my calorie allotment. The slow but steady method, in which I don’t feel crazy-deprived, is what I can sustain. It is just so hard being patient with the weight loss but it sure is better than walking around super cranky and then having way too much candy!

Fitting Into Old Clothes

In Random Thoughts on June 29, 2013 at 12:03 am

I had forgotten about one of the great benefits of weight loss, which I am finding especially true while losing the pregnancy weight: fitting into old clothes. Today was a particularly hot day. I go on a mommy and me hike every week at this time. I was not looking forward to hiking in crazy hot black leftover maternity pants. They have been getting looser and looser but not to the falling off me point so I have kept them around. Today, on a whim, I thought, hey, why not try my old hiking skirt. And you guessed it…it fit! It has an elastic tie and some give but still, it fit!!! All this hard work is totally paying off! When you have had so much extra weight to shed it can be overwhelming and these small victories feel really, really good!!

Dieting State of Grace

In Random Thoughts on April 23, 2013 at 12:59 pm

About three weeks ago I was going through a tough time – bored with the diet, frustrated by the slow movement of the scale, starting to cook up obsessive diet and exercise plans, etc. After pushing through it (and thankfully not making radical changes that just would have been distractions), I have arrived in this golden period of dieting that I don’t think I have ever experienced before: I am not obsessed with food, I am not overly hungry, I am not obsessed with dieting “tricks” and even though the scale only lightly decreases I am not freaked out about it.
What has happened???

It is a dieting state of grace. I am sixty-one pounds down and have thirty-eight to go and for some reason, the last few weeks, thirty-eight pounds doesn’t seem as irritating, frustrating and impossible as it did three weeks ago. I am so grateful. I have been hesitant to write a blog post about this because, superstitiously, I have been worried that if I acknowledged how great the last few weeks have been that it could go away. Fingers crossed that it won’t!

Stay the course

In Random Thoughts, Uncategorized on April 2, 2013 at 12:25 am

For the last week or so I have been doing some funky thinking about my weight loss plan and I have realized that it is a habit I need to call the three week curse. It seems like each time I commit to a new approach for weight loss somewhere around the three week mark I start having this internal debate about the effectiveness of the program and start beating myself up that perhaps I have not done as well as I should have. I then start trying to think up a new weight loss approach… even if the original approach is working!!!

What is up with this??? Is it that I have almost cruised into that awesome 28-day golden ticket zone where experts say health changes become habit and automatic so I for some reason want to self-sabotage before that point? Is it that I get bored with a program and want to change things up? Is it some aloof sense of fear of being thin again (if I am thin I can’t use being fat for reasons I don’t do x, y or z)? Does being fat give me some tangible way to express anger at the world, at people not treating me the way that I want because many people do treat fat people differently (I have been both) in my experience? None of these thoughts ring completely true to my situation. I can’t quite figure it out. But I have been at this weight loss game long enough to know this three week angst phenomenon exists.

This time around I think I handled it appropriately. There were two days I went slightly over my calorie allotment, but not by much. I allowed myself to engage in the defeatist and obsessive thoughts because really, how can I stop them? Most importantly, I did not stop my program. I am doing the weight loss the healthy way, modifying my calorie intake, making healthy food choices, not engaging in radical self deprivation and and only exercising moderately for mental health, not weight loss.

Previously I may have resolved to try a different weight loss technique after a weekend of “free” eating. I may or may not start that technique after the weekend was over. For sure I would have a lot of disappointed mental chatter. So, I am going to be like the turtle in the children’s fable this time. Slow and steady wins the weight loss race!

Another motivating metric

In Random Thoughts, Uncategorized on March 21, 2013 at 4:34 pm

I have lost more than 55lbs this past year but still have a ways to go. I have finally broken the pattern which I had since the thanksgiving holidays of losing and then regaining the same 10lbs over and over again. I am solidly losing again and I can see my body changing shape again. Yay!

Perhaps I have a masochistic bent or something because this morning I thought, hmmm, let’s find out if I am still considered obese. Well….. I am!

I was curious how doctors calculate that fact. They do so via BMI. I learned about it on this website.

If I had wanted a short term weight loss solution I could have done the rigid 12step food program that I used to lose a ton of weight before, but it was actually one of the most unhealthiest times of my life (and I have had some unhealthy times, let me tell you.)

Losing the pregnancy weight (and then some) has been a journey to discover a healthy lifestyle so that I can model one for my daughter. I have been trying many different approached this past year and overall, have found success. Forty pounds to go!

Back to BMI, even though I was in the obese category, it didn’t make me feel like a loser (surprisingly). It just made me happy I have a plan to keep losing extra fat. It is another tool in my healthy living toolbox.

Really bad advice

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2013 at 8:47 pm

Okay so this is some really bad (unhealthy) advice BUT if you are really hungry and don’t want to eat actual food, drink coffee, it’ll curb your appetite. Such unhealthy advice, I know. Let me contextualize it.

Say you have eaten more than enough at a meal but you still want more. You know you are either just “eye-hungry” or “mouth-hungry” or emotionally eating or all of the above but you’ve had your fill and gotten all the calories and nutrients that you need for that meal. Have a cup of coffee with even a little milk and sugar, if that is how you drink it. The hungry really does subside for several hours. I am always amazed how well this trick works.

Now there is a whole lot wrong with this advice, not to mention that it borders on anorexia-type tricks if you use coffee to replace actual meals and needed calories/nutrients. For instance, caffeine is not that great for you even if there have been some studies on performance: to me, being a slave to any substance, even just caffeine, isn’t great. (I have never tried this trick with decaf.). Plus, I would like to think that you shouldn’t have to or need to use anything to suppress hunger, coffee included. You should be able to eat when your body says it is hungry and stop when it is full. But, in my case, 40lbs or so left to go after losing 55lbs, I still haven’t regained a good hungry-full balance yet.

Someone long ago told me about how models and actresses use this coffee/appetite-suppressing trick. I certainly don’t want to take too many pointers from those in industries where women do all sorts of unhealthy things to lose weight. But a cup of joe once in awhile after a meal when I know I want more for other reasons than nutrition, well, maybe that is okay. At least today after lunch it is.