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Sunday Inspirations: May 6, 2012

In Sunday Inspirations on May 7, 2012 at 4:22 am

One of the worst things about being overweight was flying.  Even at 246 lbs (my highest weight) I still fit in the seat and the seatbelt fit, but I always felt HUGE and frankly, it was a tight fit!  The look of the person sitting next to me, trying to hide their disappointment that I was a larger row companion, was humiliating.  Now, I am an over-sensitive person by nature, but it was truly mortifying.  What should be an exciting time – traveling via flying, one of my favorite things to do in the whole world (I work for an airline) – was seriously marred.

I am headed on a trip in the next few weeks.  I know that at 197 lbs some people will be wishing they weren’t sitting next to me because of my weight, but I do know for sure they’ll be wishing they weren’t sitting next to me because I’ll be traveling with the baby hahaha!!!

In all seriousness though, those airplane seats are a good reminder, a good inspiration to keep on The Program.

What inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle?  What inspires you on your weight loss journey?