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Saturday Suggestions: Saturday, May, 5 2012: Be Easy On Yourself For Long-Term WeightLoss

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Apparently only 5 percent of people keep their weight off for five years or longer and many of those people had only a little weight to lose.  A statistic like that puts into perspective what a big deal it is to undertake losing 99lbs and keeping it off.  If I were to go on an extreme diet with no treats along the way, I am pretty sure I would simply get too overwhelmed and give the whole diet up.  But, The Program that I am creating (see posts on Tuesdays for the latest version of My Program) is a long-term solution and a flexible one.  I am no longer “failing” if I stray from the plan.  Having treats and making mistakes along the way means the weight-loss is slow – about a pound a week.  Since I have about 55 lbs left to go of the 99 lbs that means it will be a full year before the weight is off completely.  I like fast results!  That’s why the fad diets are so appealing.  You lose 3 or 4 lbs a week.  But then you crash and burn from how strict you have been with yourself and it takes you a long time to get back on the plan (if you ever do).  Today, Saturday’s Suggestion, is to just realize that if you want to be in that 5 percent who keeps the weight off for more than five years, you need to be  in this for the long haul.  Be easy on yourself and make sure whatever Program you choose or create for yourself allows you to quickly and easily get back on your plan if you stray (and that straying is part of your program in the first place).


Saturday Suggestions: Saturday, April 21, 2012: Hard Candy

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Over the past few weeks I have been very successful on sticking to my meal plan.  I realize that I have left off my daily menus an item I have daily: hard candy.  I have anywhere between one and three pieces a day, never more.  For some reason, sucking on a Werther’s hard candy after a meal reduces my frustration with not being able to have more food or to have dessert.  Three Werther’s candies is 70 calories which is way fewer than most desserts.  The taste sensation lasts quite some time.  For some reason I enjoy drinking ice water with the Werther’s.  I know, I’m a bit of a weirdo.  But, it’s been working and it is my Saturday suggestion!

Saturday Suggestions: Saturday, April 14, 2012

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I do not like to cook.  I don’t take any pleasure in whipping up a special sauce, trying a new seasoning, preparing a vegetable five different ways… cooking is just no fun for me.

I think this stems from my mother being an excellent cook.  She was a perfectionist and the kitchen to me was just way too intimidating and a potential spot for failure.  I only started cooking regularly two years ago (March 2010) in the middle of losing the 100lbs.  I do cook and bake more extravagant items for company and to show loved ones I love them on special occasions, but that is only because I like the end game: the sitting around together at our dining table, enjoying yummy food.

I think that not enjoying to cook is actually a blessing.  I don’t mourn no longer being able to relax or be creative through my cooking because my food options are more limited.  I think some cooking enthusiasts must feel this loss when dieting.

If I enjoyed cooking, the simple recipes I use over and over again on this diet would probably drive me crazy.  In fact, because the recipes are so simple and they are the same ingredients each week, I save a lot of time on prep work because I have each recipe down to a science AND I save a lot of money because I use the same ingredients over and over.  If my hubby is bored of our menu, he doesn’t say so (I think he is just grateful I cook now since he still doesn’t!)

Today’s Saturday Suggestion is to keep your recipes simple while dieting and/or in your new healthier lifestyle.  Save the complicated recipes for special occasions and for guests.  If you used to cook for pleasure, relaxation or artistic expression, tell yourself that in time, once the weight is lost, you can go back to cooking more extravagantly more often but that in the meantime it is time to find a new hobby that will replace your fancy daily cooking.  I promise you will be surprised by how much eating simply will free up your time and money.  Plus, it will help you take your focus off of food.  And, of course, those simple ingredients will help you lose weight!

Saturday Suggestions: Saturday, March 23, 2012

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Today I pampered myself and got at 75minute massage.  It was heaven!  I did this as a birthday gift to myself and a local masseuse was running a fabulous special.  But, as I lay there in pure bliss, I realized how important pampering is when you are trying to lose weight.

Losing weight is hard, and I don’t just mean resisting junk food!  The Program that I am creating for myself to eat and live healthily and lose all that pregnancy weight (and then some) is hard work.  I have to blog everyday, go to the grocery store several times a week (not easy with a newborn), and cook everyday (also not easy with a newborn).  All of this takes time, mental effort and energy.

And then there is my poor body.  Eight weeks ago it went through the most traumatic experience to date (giving birth and mine was a complicated one in which I had pre-eclampsia, was induced, was in labor for five days, etc, etc).  Now I am asking my body to produce breast milk for my little one, stay awake at all hours to care for her, twist and turn and hold a ten pound baby using muscles I didn’t even know I had AND lose weight!  My poor body!  A lot is being asked of it right now.

Even if you haven’t given birth recently and are just trying to lose weight imagine all the new things you are asking of your body.  You are asking it to operate on a caloric intake it isn’t used to.  You are probably asking it to exercise more than it is used to.  And you are asking it to release excess fat that your body is programmed to think is good in case there is famine and it needs to use the fat stores like it did as a survival mechanism back in olden times…  That is a lot to ask of your body.

So, with The Program I am creating I try to take care of my body by prioritizing sleep, water intake, and healthy foods (instead of pre-packaged diet foods or weight-loss shakes).  Last week’s Saturday’s Suggestions centered around making sure you were taking care of your body by scheduling doctor check-ups, dentist appointments, gyno visits, etc.

This week I want you to truly reward your body, pamper it somehow.  Whether you get a massage like I did or do something like take a long hot bath or give yourself a foot massage, just do something to reward your body for how hard it is working for you to reach your weightloss goals.  Let me know your favorite pampering ideas!

Saturday Suggestions: Saturday, March 16, 2012

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There is nothing sexier than a person exuding good health.  Yes, a body that is physically fit and at a healthy weight often exudes good energy and appeal.  But the good health that draws people to you is more than that.  Taking care of yourself is sexy and includes caring for yourself and your health in small ways, continually.

Today I went to the eye doctor.  I hadn’t been in five years or so and have been squinting like crazy.  It felt so good to finally get that taken care of.  When a person feels good about themselves, they radiate good energy and confidence.  And that is sexy!  Who knew going to the eye doctor would make me feel so good.

Here are some suggestions that you can do today to start taking charge of your health, not just your weight.  These are things I need to remember to do too:

Make an appointment with the eye doc. (Squinting is far from sexy)

Make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned. (Nothing is sexier than a bright big smile.)

If you’re a lady, make an appointment with the gyno.  (You know why.)

Give yourself a pedicure.  (Fancy toes are always great but if all you can manage is clipping the toenails do it.  How can you be comfortable and exude that ease of living that is so sexy if your nails are digging into your shoes?)

Meditate for ten minutes.  Set your cellphone timer and then try this: Breathe in for three counts through your nose and think a montra such as “good stuff in” and then breath out of your mouth and think “bad stuff out.”  Change the words to describe what you want on the inhale and what you wish to rid yourself of on the exhale.  For instance, breath in thinking “calm in” and breath out thinking “stress out.”

Every time you get out of bed, rise up from a chair, etc and stretch a different body part.  By the end of the day you’ll be all stretched out!  (Sexy!)

Have you moisturized lately?  Grab some lotion and apply to the extra rough spots. (Soft skin – super sensual.)

Watching TV?  Floss!  (Back to how sexy a great smile is.)

What are you going to do today to take care of your health besides making good eating choices?  Total health = totally sexy.