Week 7: proper protein and dairy

In The Program on August 6, 2014 at 2:27 pm

This week I have been focusing on protein and dairy intake per the US government’s recommended intake guidelines. Do you notice I am saving limiting my beloved grains for last? (I am pretty sure I am way over the recommended servings but we can address that in future weeks….baby steps are working!)

After reviewing the dairy and protein recs I was surprised by how little protein (5oz) and how many dairy servings (3) is recommended for my age group. Notably, the recommendations are for someone with a sedentary lifestyle and I have a very active lifestyle so I am treating the guidelines as a baseline; I must have 2.5 cups of veggie per day but I can have more if I wish. So far, in the last few weeks it has been the dairy and veggie goals that have been the ones I have had to put extra thought into, to achieve.

Have a great week!

Review of my plan:
Week 1: yoga 2x per week at least
Week 2: 8 glasses of water a day
Week 3: no eating after dinner
Week 4: one sweet treat per week
Week 5: switch from sugar to a healthier sweetner
Week 6: proper fruit and veggie intake
Week 7: proper protein and dairy intake


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