Fitting Into Old Clothes

In Random Thoughts on June 29, 2013 at 12:03 am

I had forgotten about one of the great benefits of weight loss, which I am finding especially true while losing the pregnancy weight: fitting into old clothes. Today was a particularly hot day. I go on a mommy and me hike every week at this time. I was not looking forward to hiking in crazy hot black leftover maternity pants. They have been getting looser and looser but not to the falling off me point so I have kept them around. Today, on a whim, I thought, hey, why not try my old hiking skirt. And you guessed it…it fit! It has an elastic tie and some give but still, it fit!!! All this hard work is totally paying off! When you have had so much extra weight to shed it can be overwhelming and these small victories feel really, really good!!


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