Drink your water early on in the day

In Random Thoughts, Uncategorized on March 18, 2013 at 3:52 pm

I know you know that drinking water helps you lose weight. It fills you up so you eat less. It hydrates you. It gives you more energy. It helps you think more clearly. It helps with stream-lined elimination processing (pooping). It helps wash out toxins. It helps the body distribute nutrients. I am sure you can find a host of other reasons and studies on the importance of drinking enough water and why.

On the app I am using to track my calories it has this handy water intake tracker as well. Before i started tracking my water I looked on a variety of websites to determine how much water I should be drinking. There is differing recommendations but it seems for my body weight, height and activity level (active) I should be drinking about 72oz. No problem, I thought! I am one of those bring-a-water-bottle-along types.

But after tracking my intake for more than a week I have learned that I only reach my goal if I start early on, in the beginning of the day. If I wait until mid-morning, my intake for the rest of the day is low. Who knows why, maybe I am sluggish from not having enough water so I don’t make the effort to drink more! But, since I feel remarkably better and my intake is much improved if I began the day with a glass of water, I thought I would pass this tidbit onto you.

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