The Relief Found in Calorie Counting

In Random Thoughts, Uncategorized on March 16, 2013 at 1:14 pm

I was really hesitant to use the calorie tracking app My Plate by Livestrong because I was worried that using it would make me obsessive about food – constantly thinking about what I ate, what I would eat, etc. In fact, it has been liberating!

I think when I am “dieting” I really overly-deprive myself. When I lost 100lbs before I certainly was in starvation mode and had very, very little energy. This app calculates your daily calorie goal for you based upon how rapidly you want to lose (I choose a 2lb per week rate, the highest they let you lose). Turns out I have way more calories to eat daily than I would have ever thought, especially if I exercise.

Tracking my calories frees me from guilt. As long as I stay within my allotment, I can eat what I want (I tend to prefer to eat healthily with treats every now and then. ) Before I would have felt so guilty having Cheerios at the end of the day or a a slice of cake to celebrate a friend finishing her masters degree, but now that guilt is absolved. I think when I would diet and have planned treats I would tell myself they were fine but still carry guilt around them. Couple this with the fact I probably was eating too few calories: no wonder dieting felt miserable!

This is my sixth day using the app. I will let you know tomorrow if I have lost the promised 2lbs.


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