If only I could be like Baby

In Random Thoughts, Uncategorized on March 7, 2013 at 11:04 pm

A friend who has a toddler said to me that if she just ate like him she would lose tons of weight quickly and easily. What she meant is that her toddler ate basic, unprocessed finger foods – veggies, fruit, cheese, tofu, etc. As my daughter hit the one year mark and began refusing purées and moved into finger foods, I had similar thoughts. What I envy about my daughter is that she only eats when she is hungry and she stops eating when she is full. She is completely in tune with her body’s needs. It is so awesome! I think one of my important roles as her mom is to help her retain that self-knowledge, never pushing her to eat something and trying not to use food for comfort or as a reward (celebratory food, yes, just not constantly using food as a hobby/motivator rather than a necessity). I so worry about those teen years of body discomfort and the pressure to be thin. Hopefully if she has been offered and modeled healthy eating habits she won’t grow up to have food issues like her momma! It is very clear to me that a big part of my way of feeling better when I am down and/or tired and/or physically sick has been centered around figuring our what I can eat that will make me feel better. It is hard to be conscious of these moments sometimes as they really are part of my daily habits and coping skills and are nearly unconscious. This last week I have had some success in not emotionally eating by meal planning. Hopefully by the time my daughter is old enough to start digesting (lol) her Momma’s eating habits I will have made a lot of progress!

  1. Such an interesting observation and motivator!

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