Thirty-eight pounds to go!

In Monthly Weigh-In, Uncategorized on March 1, 2013 at 3:13 pm

I am down fifty-one pounds and have thirty-eight to go. I feel like I have beginners’ jitters even though clearly I am more than half way. The last few months it has been very slooooow weight loss, but it has held. My instincts of course are to go back on the crazy super restrictive diet I was on before because I want to lose the weight now, now, now!!!! But doing that led me to lose and gain the same ten pounds at least three times!!! Man I would only have eight more pounds to go if i hadn’t yo-yoed!

Well, the past is in the past and today I will choose the most effective path over the long haul: moderate exercise for physical and mental health, not weight loss, and a basic eating plan that hits all the major food groups, steers clear of processed foods and trigger foods and keeps me relatively full throughout the day (yay brown rice and protein). Wish me luck!

  1. Good luck! If you lost the first 51 lbs, you can lose the last 38!
    XO Lauren

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