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What? It has been over a year?!

In Random Thoughts, Uncategorized on February 28, 2013 at 12:27 am

I stopped updating this blog in August it looks like. The daily menu planning was feeling overwhelming at the time, I believe. I have continued to work on my weight loss but very slowly. Last time I weighed in I think I had lost a total of 54 lbs since the baby was born. I lost and gained the same 10lbs several times. I weigh in on March 1st so we will see what the new totals are.

Well, I have been in stay at home mom, baby bliss. Happiest I have ever been in my whole life! Although I used to think I could never be happy overweight, thankfully I have disproved that terrible, negative thinking. And get this, I have been exercising regularly for five weeks now, not for weight loss but for actual health, both mental and physical. It is amazing how once I took the burden of weight loss out of the exercise equation, how much I enjoy and appreciate exercising.

All that said I realize that my “baby weight” has not magically disappeared and the baby is thirteen months old. I will know for sure after I weigh in, but I probably have forty more pounds to lose.

The baby and I are going to be doing a ton of traveling this Summer. We will be seeing a plenty I of friends and family. The baby is going to be a flower girl in a wedding, we are going to be at the beach some of the time and I will be on a bunch of airplanes (I hate being fat on airplanes!!!) so there are a myriad of vanity-related reasons to lose the last forty pounds! Back to the blogosphere! Wish me luck!!!