Tea, an Orange and Exercise

In Daily Wrap-Up, Exercise, Random Thoughts, Schmexercise on August 17, 2012 at 3:45 am

Today my Nanny died.   She had an amazing life, did so much good for so many people and was really ready to pass and leave all the physical ailments behind, but still, it is upsetting.

Tonight, after putting the baby down to bed I asked my husband if he wanted some chips.  I’ve already had more than enough food today, but my grief was causing me to want to eat (and pretend it wasn’t me doing it by offering to get some for the hubby).  Luckily he said he was full (a feeling I rarely feel).  I ate an orange, drank a glass of water and made some tea.  I was still feeling funky so I went on the rower for 20mins and then did a bunch of stretching.  Soon, I’ll head to bed.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Well, I know that today my portion sizes were too big (not 50%).  And, I know a lot of that was self-comforting.  But despite having a hard day personally and a funky day food-wise, I did not end up ending the day, splurging.  YAY!

  1. Good job! Sorry about you Nanny 😦

  2. Sorry, I meant your Nanny 😦

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