Pigs Are Flying

In Schmexercise on August 15, 2012 at 3:55 am

Hell freezing over, pigs flying, you get the point…  Why am I using all these crazy cliches?  Because I actually WANTED to exercise tonight!!!

If you have been following my blog you know that I walk all the time and often go hiking.  I do a 15 minute tv yoga program in the morning and occasionally some sit-ups and push-ups at night.  Since the baby I just have had no motivation to try and find an exercise routine amidst learning how to be a Mom and all of the accompanying sleep deprivation.  (It’s been nuts getting food on the table, the house cleaned, the bills paid, the shopping done and some occasional R&R when the baby sleeps, even with a very supportive hubby).

But tonight, I had the thought… hmm… I’ll exercise.

As soon as that thought went through my head I asked the hubby to get his rower out and show me how to do it.  I knew if I didn’t act on that thought ASAP I would never do it.

So, I am proud to report I did 20 minutes of rowing, followed by sit-ups and stretching.  I feel great.  And proud.  Oink, oink, flap, flap.

  1. flying pigs? Yes please!

    love it, congrats!

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