Eat like a Kardashian to lose weight?

In Random Thoughts, The Program on August 13, 2012 at 7:49 pm

I am well into my first week of trying my hubby’s “50%” diet method.  I take the portion I normally would eat and immediately put back 50% of it.  It has been freeing!  No more guilt when I eat some dark chocolate, mac and cheese or some frozen yogurt!

And, it has got me thinking:  I always was amazed when I would see celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the Kardashians (okay, I am clearly coming out of the closet as a trash TV watcher – yes, there you have it, I am…) and see them eating foods like pasta, ice cream, candy, etc.  I wondered, how on earth do they stay thin?

There may be a bunch of awesome genetics and personal trainers at work of course, but I wonder if they are already instituting (intuitively) the 50% rule.  They eat what they want but in small portions.  Like the French are rumored to do?

When food isn’t the enemy, the portion size is, I feel less anxious about losing weight and keeping it off long term.  And, that feels like a recipe for success.  We’ll see when I weigh-in if the “50%” method is working for me!

  1. You also don’t see what they eat day in and day out, every single meal. Maybe they are shown eating that way on TV because no one wants to watch celebrities eat boring-diet meals.

    Have you weighed yourself? Is the diet working? Are you hungry?

    • very good points 🙂

      no I won’t weigh myself until Friday so that a full week goes by (if I do daily the fluctuations make me coo-koo).

      so far I have only been hungry after about 8pm. I deal with that by just going to bed. If I am hungry during the day I have a small (50% of the usual) snack.

      keep your fingers crossed for me! i am following you too and can’t wait to hear how things go for you!

      • Fingers are absolutely crossed. I know you can do it, you seem to be really motivated!

        Drink water too, I find sometimes I feel hungry but all I need is a big glass of water to tide me over.

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