I’ve lost 10.2 lbs since July 1st!

In Uncategorized on August 10, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Shocking!  Last night I was down in the dumps because I felt my weight loss strategizing for the last three months had completely failed.  I have not been updating this blog every night and I will have good days of sticking to the plan and then other days not so good.

I was speaking with a dear friend yesterday, wondering if in desperation I should go back to that extreme weight loss program I had done before (and lost 100lbs).  I’ve been so torn because, even though it wasn’t healthy for me, it worked and I kept off the weight until I got pregnant.  Last night, after a lot of painful reflection, I knew that I couldn’t go back there for my own health and because I couldn’t be a good mother to my baby while on their program, but that I did need to search for new solutions.  I resolved that the answers would come.

And now this!  A 10.2 pound weight loss which accomplishes two goals: putting me under 200lbs AND putting me below the 50% of lost pregnancy weight mark.  Now that feels good.

So what have I been doing the past five weeks to garner this very unexpected weight loss?  I haven’t been giving up.

Many days I have been eating very healthily.  But I have also been doing a lot of emotional eating which may last for one meal, or for a night or for a few days.  However, every time I stray I have gone back to healthy eating.  Those days haven’t turned into weeks of unhealthy eating.

At 6 in the morning my hubby was downstairs making his coffee.  When I stepped on the scale I almost fainted with relief (you have to put it in the context of yesterday I spent many hours feeling like a failure, feeling baffled and nearly hopeless.)  I yelled down for him to get up here right away.  Tip: do not yell at your partner to get up the stairs RIGHT NOW when you have a new baby.  He had a minor heart attack thinking something was wrong with her.  Instead, I made him get on the scale so I could make sure the scale wasn’t malfunctioning (he has always been a healthy weight).  The scale was functioning properly!

I have some new ideas on how to tweak my plan, but this unexpected weight loss may just ignite the momentum I need for the next 50(ish)lbs…

  1. Yay, so happy for you!

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