Touchstone Reasons for Losing That Pregnancy Weight

In Uncategorized on June 13, 2012 at 5:43 am

The past three days I have had trouble pushing through hunger and resisting food items not on my menu.  I wish there was some way that when I am about to eat something not on my plan that I could “wake up” and be jarred out of my despondent and mechanical preparation of additional food.  In today’s wrap-up I liken my recent over-eating stints to being like a zombie, a FOOD zombie.  Technically I am awake and aware of what I am doing but all my hard work, logic and reason vanish and I trudge mindlessly to the fridge and eat, disconnected from what I am doing.  I would say it is like being in a trance but that may be a bit overly dramatic of a description…

I thought that perhaps having three concrete, simple reasons why I want to lose the weight might help.  When I am about to eat something I should not, hopefully I can review these three reasons and not take the extra bites.  WARNING: these are incredibly shallow reasons.  But hey, at this point I don’t have a lot of shame.  I am desperate to get back on track with my weightloss and if revealing to the entire WWW how shallow my reasons are for losing weight, well, hey, it is a small price to pay if it helps:

1.  I want to be a hot Mom.  I want my daughter and husband to be proud of how I look.

2.  The ease of wearing jeans and a T-shirt and looking great in them.

3.  People treat you differently (mush more nicely and as if you have more to say about the world) when you are thinner (gross, but true).

Perhaps next time I head to the fridge at 9pm I can say okay to my inner food zombie, now what were those three touchstones??

  1. Leave a healthy treat in your fridge for you to eat at 9 p.m. Don’t leave bad temptations in view. You can move past this phase by learning new habits. Remember this is what you are doing, breaking habits and food needs.

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