Daily Wrap-Up: Tuesday June 12, 2012

In Daily Wrap-Up on June 13, 2012 at 5:28 am

Here’s how I think I did today on the traditional grading scale of A-F:

Sleep: A:  Napped when baby did.

Water: A:  Drank at least 8 glasses

Food: D: Had a variety of things not on the menu today – frozen yogurt, chips and salsa, cheerios.  Giving myself a D instead of an F because the portion sizes were reasonable.  I just wish I had resisted completely!

Exercise: A: Walk with baby in the woods and then with dogs in the afternoon.

Vitamins: A:  Took them

Final Thought of the Day:  When I eat something I don’t need to be eating it is almost like I am a zombie.  I am aware, technically, of what I am doing.  However, I feel like I am muted, listless, emotionally turned off, acting like a robot as I pour that bowl of cereal or scoop that frozen yogurt.  Interesting behavior to work on.  Progress, not perfection!  I am going to keep on plugging!

How did you do today with your healthy living?  I hope you are kind to yourself, no matter what.  Life is too precious to spend it living in regret and self-loathing.

Thanks for reading this and I wish you much luck on your own healthy journey!

  1. Hey Gorgeous.

    I just wanted to drop you a line and say that today was one of those, I am not so good days, when it comes to what you have eaten. But, hey. You have thought about it and acknowledged that it wasn’t a good day. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just make tomorrow a healthier eating day and be vigilant.

    Go look at that stunning outfit you want to fit back into it. Stare at it. Then say ‘I will fit into this’. Repeat it over and over. Visualise yourself in that outfit. Think about how good you will feel. How proud of yourself you will be.

    We all have bad food days, yep, even me. But, if we keep those to a minimum then we eventually reach our goals. It is a tough road. We think we will never get there. We get stuck at a cetain weight that we cannot get past. Then our hard work begins to pay off. It always does.

    I am so proud of you and what you are doing every day my friend. DO NOT lose sight of your goal. YOU CAN DO THIS. I am right there with you every step of the way 🙂

  2. Well said Tricia!

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