Saturday Suggestions: Saturday, May, 5 2012: Be Easy On Yourself For Long-Term WeightLoss

In Saturday Suggestions on May 6, 2012 at 4:55 am

Apparently only 5 percent of people keep their weight off for five years or longer and many of those people had only a little weight to lose.  A statistic like that puts into perspective what a big deal it is to undertake losing 99lbs and keeping it off.  If I were to go on an extreme diet with no treats along the way, I am pretty sure I would simply get too overwhelmed and give the whole diet up.  But, The Program that I am creating (see posts on Tuesdays for the latest version of My Program) is a long-term solution and a flexible one.  I am no longer “failing” if I stray from the plan.  Having treats and making mistakes along the way means the weight-loss is slow – about a pound a week.  Since I have about 55 lbs left to go of the 99 lbs that means it will be a full year before the weight is off completely.  I like fast results!  That’s why the fad diets are so appealing.  You lose 3 or 4 lbs a week.  But then you crash and burn from how strict you have been with yourself and it takes you a long time to get back on the plan (if you ever do).  Today, Saturday’s Suggestion, is to just realize that if you want to be in that 5 percent who keeps the weight off for more than five years, you need to be  in this for the long haul.  Be easy on yourself and make sure whatever Program you choose or create for yourself allows you to quickly and easily get back on your plan if you stray (and that straying is part of your program in the first place).


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