Daily Wrap-Up: Tuesday April 24, 2012

In Daily Wrap-Up on April 25, 2012 at 5:20 am

Last night the baby was upset – she has begun teething!  So, I didn’t get a chance to report in on how the day went.  Normally I would just move on to today but it needs to be discussed.  My friend’s mother is visiting from Mongolia.  I haven’t seen her in nearly six years since I was in Mongolia for my friend’s wedding.  Yesterday I went to see my friend and her mother for lunch.  It was sooooo good!  We had hosherie (I am so sorry that I forgot to take a picture of it) which is essentially Mongolian-style meat and potato dumplings.  Unbelievably delicious.  I brought cupcakes for dessert.  The lunch was so rich that I wasn’t even hungry for dinner and since the last thing she prepared for us was a Mongolia pancake around 4pm, I think skipping dinner was fine for my metabolism, not to mention my calorie intake.  So… did I overindulge?  I don’t know.  I am sure a stricter person would have only had one or two dumplings and skipped the dessert.  Frankly, I think I was right to thoroughly enjoy the Mongolian food prepared specially for me (and it is quite labor intensive).  I am not going to feel TOO bad.  But I really probably should have skipped the dessert since I can always enjoy a cupcake stateside.

What was particularly interesting is remembering how I felt when I went to Mongolia.  Seeing my friend’s mother brought back a flood of memories of the trip.  At that point I was probably about 20lbs heavier than I am now.  I remember being extremely self-conscious of how big I was compared to everyone else.  I remember HATING the pictures of myself taken there.  I remember feeling like I took up too much space in the SUVs we rode in.  I remember wishing I could wear the cute summer sundresses the women were wearing.  It is these sort of painful memories of not fully enjoying an amazing experience like a three week trip to Mongolia because of my weight that is spurring me on to continue figuring out how to lose weight and create this Program.

Moving on to today, here’s how I think I did on the traditional grading scale of A-F:

Sleep: A:  Am headed to bed asap.  Baby is asleep already!

Water: A: Drank at least 8 cups today

Food: A:  Ate 100% on target for The Program.  Tonight I felt hungry, but not stomach-rumbling hunger.  Because I am breast feeding I am committed to having a healthy snack if I am overwhelmingly hungry.  Since it isn’t extreme hunger I am just pushing through it.  Here is a picture of dinner:

Exercise: A: Walked dogs twice and broke a sweat cleaning

Vitamins: A:  Took them

Final Thought of the Day: I noticed that I enjoyed being extra active today.  I think my body may have finally healed up enough at three months out from the birth to consider exercising.  I am not sure how to fit in exercise with caring for the baby full-time but I am committed to thinking about it.  A friend called tonight and we made plans to do some urban hiking on Friday which I am looking forward to.

How did you do today with your healthy living?  I hope you are kind to yourself, no matter what.  Life is too precious to spend it living in regret and self-loathing.

Thanks for reading this and I wish you much luck on your own healthy journey!


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