Thursday Outside Thoughts: April 19, 2012: Health vs Weightloss Goals

In Thursday: Outside Thoughts on April 19, 2012 at 4:40 pm

This is such a great post on the importance of overall health versus just weight loss. Although I am still in it to lose the weight as well, I am REALLY in it to be healthier overall.

Dances With Fat

A new study shows that “healthy lifestyle habits are associated with a significant decrease in mortality regardless of baseline body mass index”.  Look, over there…it’s a great big flaming sack of “no kidding.”

Which is not to say that the study shouldn’t have been conducted, but is rather my attempt to point out the utter ridiculousness  of clinging to the idea that getting our bodies to a specific height weight ratio is our best chance for being healthy, knowing the health is not guaranteed, not entirely within our control, not an obligation, and not a barometer of worthiness, in the face of overwhelming evidence that:

1.  It’s not possible for most people who aren’t in the weight range to get into it

2.  There are plenty of people who fit that height weight ratio who are not healthy

The study looked at the association between 4 healthy lifestyle habits and…

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  1. Love it, thanks for sharing!

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