Sunday Inspirations: April 14, 2012

In Sunday Inspirations on April 15, 2012 at 5:16 am

This week my inspiration to keep on The Program has mostly been based on saving face.  Continuing to write this blog, even through apparent defeats like the recent weight gains, has required some will power.  Blogging has given me the accountability I need.  It is easier to make a better food choices if I know there are at least a few other folks out there reading about my food choices.

I also have started telling people in my offline life that I am dieting and creating my own Program.  In fact, I’ve shared this blog with two people I know (other than the hubby) this week.  That is huge!

Normally I would be too embarrassed to share with friends that I am trying to lose weight.  But if I step up and proclaim what is really going on with me with friends, at the very worst I will feel embarrassed and at the very best it could lead to deeper friendships and support.

Frankly I wish I had something more inspiring to write on this edition of Sunday Inspirations, but, if the only thing that keeps me focused is the accountability of blogging and my friends and it means I’m not straying from The Program, hey, I’ll take it.

What inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle?  What inspires you on your weight loss journey?

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