Saturday Suggestions: Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Saturday Suggestions on April 14, 2012 at 4:50 am

I do not like to cook.  I don’t take any pleasure in whipping up a special sauce, trying a new seasoning, preparing a vegetable five different ways… cooking is just no fun for me.

I think this stems from my mother being an excellent cook.  She was a perfectionist and the kitchen to me was just way too intimidating and a potential spot for failure.  I only started cooking regularly two years ago (March 2010) in the middle of losing the 100lbs.  I do cook and bake more extravagant items for company and to show loved ones I love them on special occasions, but that is only because I like the end game: the sitting around together at our dining table, enjoying yummy food.

I think that not enjoying to cook is actually a blessing.  I don’t mourn no longer being able to relax or be creative through my cooking because my food options are more limited.  I think some cooking enthusiasts must feel this loss when dieting.

If I enjoyed cooking, the simple recipes I use over and over again on this diet would probably drive me crazy.  In fact, because the recipes are so simple and they are the same ingredients each week, I save a lot of time on prep work because I have each recipe down to a science AND I save a lot of money because I use the same ingredients over and over.  If my hubby is bored of our menu, he doesn’t say so (I think he is just grateful I cook now since he still doesn’t!)

Today’s Saturday Suggestion is to keep your recipes simple while dieting and/or in your new healthier lifestyle.  Save the complicated recipes for special occasions and for guests.  If you used to cook for pleasure, relaxation or artistic expression, tell yourself that in time, once the weight is lost, you can go back to cooking more extravagantly more often but that in the meantime it is time to find a new hobby that will replace your fancy daily cooking.  I promise you will be surprised by how much eating simply will free up your time and money.  Plus, it will help you take your focus off of food.  And, of course, those simple ingredients will help you lose weight!


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