Wednesday: Weigh-In: REVAMPED

In Wednesday Weigh-Ins on April 12, 2012 at 2:31 am

I got on the scale this morning and saw another disappointing number.  Now, I certainly overindulged all day on Easter Sunday.  There was a lot of emotional eating going on and I am very aware of that fact and own up to my actions.  However, prior and since then I have been very good about my eating so I’ve come to a radical decision: weigh-ins will no longer be on Wednesdays, they will be on the first of each month.

I remember that the weight loss program I did before when I lost 100lbs had this rule (or at least I think that is the weight loss program I got that nugget from… there have been so many they all run together…)

My intention for weighing myself monthly is prevent the emotional roller coasters I have been experiencing every week.  For the past two weeks I have gained weight and it has lead me to think terrible thoughts about myself and want to give in when in reality I know I am making progress.  My hubby says he can see that my body is changing, I feel better, I know I am eating well and I am tuned into taking care of my overall health; these are all indications that The Program is working, despite what the scale says.

A reader suggested taking body measurements which makes a lot of sense to me too, but until I find or buy a measuring tape, the first of the month will be when I weigh in.  Hopefully by weighing just once a month, the various fluctuations that my body must be going through as it recovers from giving birth, is breast feeding and is losing weight will all even out.

  1. I am so glad that your hubby has told you that he is noticing changes in your body shape. This is monumental. You keep doing what you are doing and the results will continue to show. Buy that tape measure and don’t rely so much on those nasty scales. It is not so much what you weigh, but what you see. And, remember that those naughty moments we have when we indulge are just motivators to get our tush off the couch and to do some exercise 🙂

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