Thursday Outside Thoughts: April 11, 2012: Putting Life on Hold Until the Weight is Lost…

In Thursday: Outside Thoughts on April 12, 2012 at 3:12 am

I met a friend for lunch on Saturday and we started to talk about our long histories of dieting and body image issues.  It was interesting to see how ashamed we both are that we have lived so much of our lives under the weight (haha) of feeling less-than because we weren’t super slim.  We agreed to talk more openly together about our various issues because by the end of the conversation, although it was horrifying to realize how much mental space has been occupied by thoughts of weight loss, we both felt some relief about getting our “crazy” out into the open.

Today I texted this friend and suggested we write out lists of all the things we would have done or feel like we could have been if we hadn’t felt we couldn’t even try because we were overweight.  Again, super embarrassing to admit to this negative thinking, but super healthy to get all that negative, internalized thinking, OUT!

I found this blog post that articulates how I felt for most of my life (I did lose 100 lbs previously but only maintained the weight loss for nine months because I became pregnant and started gaining again.)  The article is very inspiring!  Check it out! http://www.leftoverstogo.com/2012/03/08/americans-have-a-wait-problem/


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