Wednesday: Weigh-In: April 4, 2012

In Wednesday Weigh-Ins on April 4, 2012 at 8:38 pm

Starting Weight on January 18, 2012: 244

Current Weight: 201.4-204.4

Weight Last Weigh-in: 199.8

One Week Gain/Loss: Gained at least 1.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 43

Today’s weigh-in was crushing.  As you may have read last week I post-poned last week’s weigh-in because the scale seemed to be broken.  Everytime I got on the scale it said a different weight.  So, I purchased another scale this week for today’s weigh in and funny enough the same thing happened.  When I weighed myself at first it said 204.4, then it said 201.4.  My husband thinks the floor in the bathroom must not be level and that is why the scales are acting so funky.

REGARDLESS, I am over 200lbs again… This is just crushing.  Yes, I have been having additonal items in my diet from my birthday dinner to Easter candy to coffee cake to pizza (Monday night)…  Before the baby I worked at a job where I was on my feet all day long.  As long as I stuck to a generally healthy eating plan I could maintain a small size and eat a bunch of treats.  Not so now, obviously.

I can’t hide it: I am super disappointed and in a bit of a funk.  BUT, the only thing to do is to try not to be too hard on myself (I don’t want to give up and if I am too hard on myself, I would be tempted to.)  Afterall, I am still in the first month of creating The Program.  I have to tweak it to see what works and what doesn’t because I don’t want to eliminate “treats” completely (I just don’t think eliminating all treats would be releastic or promote a healthy relationship to food). 

So, from now on I am going to go back to what I did when I first lost over a hundred pounds – measuring out my food.  The basic guidelines on portion sizes for my main meals are as follows:

1oz dry oatmeal or 1 cup wet oatmeal

8oz yogurt

60z or 1 piece fruit

1c. rice or grain

4oz protein (if cheese 2oz if cottage cheese or tofu 6oz)

6oz cooked veggies

Frankly, the portion sizes of the “treats” that I have are more important.  I think that is where I went wrong the last two weeks.  It is so very hard for me to just have one cupcake, or just have one piece of coffee cake.

I think conventional dieting wisdom is that the compulsion to have large quantities of treats is the reason why many just cut them out completely so you are saved the temptation.  But I don’t want to live a life without treats.  I just need to grow a new “treat muscle” that enjoys a treat every so often but does so with a reasonable portion size.

I’ve read before that a new habit takes about a month to become a routine.  So, if for the next four weeks I can have the occasional treat with a reasonable portion size, then maybe it will be less hard to do so for the rest of my life.  For sure I will blog about my success (or failure).  I am particularly thinking about Easter brunch and candy on Sunday….

How do you handle treats?  How do you handle set-backs?  I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading this and I wish you much luck on your own healthy journey!

  1. Weigh-ins can sometimes be very disappointing. A woman’s weight can often fluctuate by up to 3 kilograms in a day and this has a great deal to do with our hormonal balance. In your case, this may be more, because you have just had a baby. It takes a woman approximately 2-4 years for their body to return to its natural hormonal state after giving birth.

    I would love to see you take your measurements, instead of just relying on weigh-ins. As you said, weigh-ins seem to be inaccurate. So grab a tape measure and a pen and paper and measure your bust, waist, hips, thigh, calf, and upper arm. Then re-measure these every two weeks on the same day, if possible.

    Us personal trainers have a 80/20 or 90/10 rule. We eat good, clean healthy foods 80% to 90% of the time and 20% to 10% of the time we are a little naughty. No-one can go without treats. This is unrealistic and will set you up for failure. The key to eating treats it to make sure you control how much you have, and if you have more, then you need to make a compromise. This means more exercise to burn off the excess calories you have consumed.

    Watch your portion sizes. In fact, decrease these gradually and you will discover that your body does not want to eat so much. In addition, eat more frequently. I know this sounds a little crazy, but if you have small main meals and then have morning tea, afternoon tea and snacks in-between you will discover that you kick your metabolism up a notch or 2.

    I typically have 2 breakfasts. One before I workout in the morning, which consist of oats, then a high protein breakfast 20 minutes after my workout. This consists of bacon on a slice of wholegrain toast with either mushroom or tomatoes. This helps my body rebuild after workingout and it also keeps my metabolism working. Breakfast is my largest meal of the day. I will then have a peach, handful of nuts, or an apple before lunch, then a light lunch such as tuna or chicken with salad. Afternoon snacks are the same as the morning, and my evening meal is light, fish, chicken or lean beef with salad or veggies.

    Another really important factor is to watch your refined sugar intake [this includes breads etc., which often have refined sugars added] and do not add extras like sauces and mayonnaise to your meals. These add so many extra calories to our foods and often we forget to count these in a daily intake.

    Drink as much water as you can and start doing at least an hour of exercise every day. The first 45 minutes of exercise typically burns of sugars that your body has stored and the last 15 minutes starts to break down your body fat. Be vigilant and you will start to see excellent results and your body starting to change shape.

    Lastly, remember there are people out here who care about you and your journey, like me. So, if you ever need any help, you just let me know. We all have good days and bad. The bad are easily overcome when we have to good to look forward to. See this set back as a positive sign that you need to be more determined and that you have just hit a hiccup in your grand plan, now you can really start to get down to business 🙂

    • Oh Tricia, I so appreciate your comments. And, I am going to try a bunch of your suggestions. They are a little overwhelming but I will start with the body measuring. I will get a measuring tape for next week. Thank you!!!

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