Friday Foodie: March 30, 2012: Laughing Cow Cheese

In Friday Foodie on March 31, 2012 at 6:08 am

I am a great lover of food.  But I am not a “foodie.”  Foodies are those who love talking and thinking about intricate ingredients, who savor nights at celebrated restaurants serving haute cuisine, who love gourmet cooking shows.

I just love to eat.  And, I hate to cook.  There is so much healthy-living wisdom out there about the importance of cooking your own food to accelerate weight-loss.  If you aren’t controlling the ingredients and portion sizes, who will?  Each Friday I will search out a new SIMPLE recipe or offer a food tip that is also easy on the wallet (I hate it when a new recipe has so many ingredients that you spend a fortune just trying it out.)  Feel free to post your favorite quick, simple and healthy recipe and/or cooking tips!

Here’s to a new kind of foodie – one who appreciates homemade, healthy, tasty, fresh food.

This week’s tip is Laughing Cow cheese.  http://www.thelaughingcow.com/products/light-swiss-original/
These wedges have only 35 calories and are perfect for a lower calorie sandwich or burger.  For me they take away the (strong) desire to put mayo on everything. 🙂  These are reasonably priced and in your local grocery store (in the US).  One wedge goes a long way.
  1. My wife loved this stuff as she was losing her pregnancy weight. She used them for a quick snack!

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