Daily Wrap-Up: Tuesday March 27, 2012

In Daily Wrap-Up on March 28, 2012 at 5:37 am

Note yesterday there was no daily wrap-up because I was exhausted and went to sleep early.  I did fairly well.  Went out to lunch with a friend and choose a healthy entree.  But I noticed that after having a slushy/tapioca drink that I felt ravenous!  Wondering about that whole theory that sugary things just make you REALLY want more food.

Here’s how I think I did today on the traditional grading scale of A-F:

Sleep: A: Napped when the baby napped.

Water: A: Drank at least 8 cups today.

Food: D: Because I didn’t plan ahead I didn’t realize how little I had in the house.  I had to improvise with no oatmeal, no salad fixings, etc.  Breakfast was cream of wheat and a slice of toast with honey and pb.  Lunch was a frozen entree of saag paneer, rice, one piece of Naan and an apple.  Dinner was a frozen entree of enchiladas over a lot of mixed veggies.  I was so hungry (probably from the lack of protein all day except cheese and pb) that I had one of those healthier power bars, odawala bar.  Plus, one piece of hard candy.  Not a horrible day of eating but not stellar. Early preparation is the key! Tonight I have been resisting eating more, so I definitely get bonus points for that!

Exercise: A: Lots of walking

Vitamins: A:  Took them

Final Thought of the Day:  Protein, protein, protein.  I need it!  One meal can be less dense protein like cheese, yogurt, tofu, etc but for me, living my life and nursing my daughter, I really think I need more solid protein at the other meals.

How did you do today with your healthy living?  I hope you are kind to yourself, no matter what.  Life is too precious to spend it living in regret and self-loathing.

Thanks for reading this and I wish you much luck on your own healthy journey!

  1. You definitely need to keep you the protein in your diet. Do you know that if you do not provide your body with enough protein that it will go in search of its own protein source, which can only be found in your muscles. This is why body builders eat at regular intervals and consume heaps of protein, otherwise their body will begin breaking down that muscle that they have worked so hard to produce.

    Make sure you get enough protein so you develop good sound muscle and body tone, then you will be a hot mumma ; )

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