Saturday Suggestions: Saturday, March 23, 2012

In Saturday Suggestions on March 24, 2012 at 2:27 am

Today I pampered myself and got at 75minute massage.  It was heaven!  I did this as a birthday gift to myself and a local masseuse was running a fabulous special.  But, as I lay there in pure bliss, I realized how important pampering is when you are trying to lose weight.

Losing weight is hard, and I don’t just mean resisting junk food!  The Program that I am creating for myself to eat and live healthily and lose all that pregnancy weight (and then some) is hard work.  I have to blog everyday, go to the grocery store several times a week (not easy with a newborn), and cook everyday (also not easy with a newborn).  All of this takes time, mental effort and energy.

And then there is my poor body.  Eight weeks ago it went through the most traumatic experience to date (giving birth and mine was a complicated one in which I had pre-eclampsia, was induced, was in labor for five days, etc, etc).  Now I am asking my body to produce breast milk for my little one, stay awake at all hours to care for her, twist and turn and hold a ten pound baby using muscles I didn’t even know I had AND lose weight!  My poor body!  A lot is being asked of it right now.

Even if you haven’t given birth recently and are just trying to lose weight imagine all the new things you are asking of your body.  You are asking it to operate on a caloric intake it isn’t used to.  You are probably asking it to exercise more than it is used to.  And you are asking it to release excess fat that your body is programmed to think is good in case there is famine and it needs to use the fat stores like it did as a survival mechanism back in olden times…  That is a lot to ask of your body.

So, with The Program I am creating I try to take care of my body by prioritizing sleep, water intake, and healthy foods (instead of pre-packaged diet foods or weight-loss shakes).  Last week’s Saturday’s Suggestions centered around making sure you were taking care of your body by scheduling doctor check-ups, dentist appointments, gyno visits, etc.

This week I want you to truly reward your body, pamper it somehow.  Whether you get a massage like I did or do something like take a long hot bath or give yourself a foot massage, just do something to reward your body for how hard it is working for you to reach your weightloss goals.  Let me know your favorite pampering ideas!

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