Thursday Thoughts: The Truth About Exercise

In Thursday: Outside Thoughts on March 22, 2012 at 6:37 am

The Truth About Exercise.

via The Truth About Exercise.

I think this a very interesting article.  In my experience exercise really is for overall health and mental well-being which contributes to weight loss for sure, but it is not a primary tool for weightloss.  I ran the NYC marathon at a weight still considered morbidly obese.  I played competitive tennis and was in amazing shape, but still had a whole lot of fat on top of all those muscles.

Beyond the science or quasi-science around whether or not to focus on exercising more to lose weight, I know that my main issue is my relationship with food.  Simply put, when I don’t feel good I want to comfort myself with too much food and often, with food that barely contains any nutrients.  My weight problem is a relationship-to-food issue, not an issue of getting off the couch to exercise.

In fact, the first (and only) time I lost 100lbs and kept it off until I got pregnant, it was with little to no exercise.  I truly believe my body was working so hard to release all that weight and that I needed to deal with the fact that I was over-eating first and foremost before I could incorporate a healthy amount of exercise into my life.  I wasn’t inactive, quite the opposite: I walked a lot and often did yoga.  I just didn’t have intense work-out sessions aimed at driving the numbers on the scale down.

That is why I am starting off slowly with exercise now.  I went through a very rough, high-risk pregnancy and a prolonged, scary birth with my daughter just eight weeks ago.  20 minutes of moderate exercise is a reasonable Tenet of my Program allowing me to strive for overall health and be in the healthy headspace to continue My Program.


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