Sunday Inspirations: March 18, 2012

In Sunday Inspirations on March 18, 2012 at 7:11 am

If you’ve been following my blog you know I have been struggling to not go out and buy cake late at night.  I’m two for two, over coming temptation, but truthfully I have been “white-knuckling it,”  you could say, for several hours at the end of each night.  So, what tricks have I been using to try and stay focused on how much I want to lose this weight?  Here is what has worked for me the past two nights:

– looking at my daughter and remembering I want to teach her to have a happy, healthy relationship with food: that food is not the enemy, healthy food on a daily basis is a must and treats are for special occasions.  My daughter is going to do what I do, not just what I say so I need to model for her a healthy relationship with food.  Right now that relationship is on a comeback thanks to this blog 😉

– looking at pictures of myself on Facebook from before I was pregnant.  This time last year I was a size 4-6!  I had no idea how thin and healthy I looked/was.

– embarrassing but true: watching a red carpet fashion show on TV. Right now I have only about four outfits (still maternity) that I can wear.  I can’t wait to look cute in clothes again!

– drinking sparkling mineral water with lemon

– chewing flavored gum

What do you do when you (successfully) resist temptation?  Any tricks you can pass on to me?

What inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle?  What inspires you on your weight loss journey?


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